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exposing deniers of reproductive healthcare

one by one

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Exposing deniers of women's reproductive healthcare (birth control, emergency contraception, etc.)

We've expanded our goals since this community started.

Our purpose is two fold:

We wish to keep people informed and provide information on anti-choice and anti-woman activism and legislation in the U.S. and around the world

We wish to unveil the medical "professionals" who refuse to provide diagnosis up to the commonly held medical standards, valid prescriptions, and/or evidence-based, FDA approved treatment for women's reproductive health.

Herein we try to provide information about pharmacies and pharmacists, hospitals, physicians and even insurance companies who have denied a woman basic health care by refusing to cover, write or dispense prescriptions for birth control or emergency contraception; or provide medically necessary (or elective) abortions; or mandate/refuse other reproductive health care treatments against a patient's interest and wishes.

Please read the rules before posting.


What we're looking for?


Women have a right to know if a hospital, pharmacy, or insurance company are going to deny them access to reproductive health care. We have the right to know so we can bypass these organizations or persons and seek out those who would provide us with full health care without judgment.

If you have a story about a denial of health care, please share it with us and include the following information:

Name of Institution (hospital, pharmacy, etc.):
Name of perpetrator (doctor, pharmacist):
Where did this happen? (state, city, address):
What were you denied? (coverage, script, treatment, etc.):
Other things you wish to share:

If you have information about great women-friendly, contraceptive-friendly professionals, feel free to post about them as well (including contact info). It's always nice to have some good with the bad.

And if you have news of anti-choice activism or legislation, please share that as well.



-Be Civil

-Be factual: This is for legal reasons. Tell it like it is, tell it just how it happened. No embellishments. It angers us too, but we're looking to provide a comprehensive list of iffy organizations so that women can exercise awareness when seeking health care providers. This is easier to accomplish by stating the truth directly and not drawing any negative attention to ourselves.

-Be on topic: Share your personal experiences. Share news stories about pharmacist refusal to fill prescriptions, physicians refusing to provide care, Insurance companies and plans that don't cover birth control, etc. Share information on anti-choice activism happening locally or on a national level.

-Tag your entries: With your state or country, the type of organization that denied you care (hospital, pharmacy, etc) and the name of the organization (e.g. Walgreens); there will be pre-set tags for many of these; please look through those before you create your own.

-Do not advertise other communities: Unless they relate to reproductive rights and/or women's healthcare.

-Do not espouse anti-choice or misogynistic rhetoric: This is a pro-choice community. If you come in here spouting anti-choice or anti-woman rhetoric (anything from hailing abortion restrictions to "slut-shaming"), you will be banned.

-Community Views: The members of this community may or may not want children in the future and you will encounter varying opinions on the subject of abortion from those who feel it's a very hard decision for any woman to make to those who don't find it difficult at all. Your mileage may vary, but it's not for you to post comments to this community judging the mental health, morality, or any other aspect of a commenter.

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